Price calculation


The restaurant at the Calimbra Hotel to seat 120 guests is a perfect venue for the organisation of even large-scale events and weddings, but the separable spaces also allow for it to serve as a pleasant location of family events. From the outdoor terrace of the restaurant there is an excellent view provided to the pool in the garden, and the entire range of the Bükk hills. Our cuisine based on a traditional world of tastes is characterised by the names of chefs who have already provided proof of their know-how in gastronomy.

It is a venue of buffet-breakfasts, morning conferences, business lunches, afternoon coffee time, five-o-clock tea, romantic, candlelight dinners, and feasts lasting till the morning hours.


Tatar Beefsteak with fresh vegetables 5.790.-Ft
Selection of cheese 3.390.-Ft
Grilled camembert with basil tomato salad and garlic bruschetta 3.390.-Ft
Meat soup with vegetables 2.490.-Ft
Seasonal daily cream soup 2.490.-Ft
Ragout soup with tarragon 2.790.-Ft
Caesar salad with roasted chicken breast 4.190.-Ft
Jasmine rice with cepes and parmesan cheese 4.190.-Ft
Chicken breast stripes with honey-mustard served, bulgur with vegetables 4.190.-Ft
Roasted Lillafüred’ trout on a crispy fresh lime green lettuce, pommes frites and remoulade sauce 5.690.-Ft
Grilled fillet of salmon carpaccio with saffron jasmine rice 5.690.-Ft
Fried catfish with yoghurt celery salad 5.690.-Ft
Chicken breast steak with grilled feta cheese on butter vegetables 4.890.-Ft
Roasted chicken breast with parmesan, rice with green spices and fresh yoghurt salad 4.890.-Ft
Round Chop of Pork with grilled tomatoes and pepper and steak potatoes 4.990.-Ft
Vienna scallop (fillet mignom of pork) with bistro potatoes 5.490.-Ft
Pork tenderloin in a green bark with princess potatoes and livermushroom ragout 5.490.-Ft
Rosé breast of duck with batata and orange sauce 5.690.-Ft
Crisp Leg of duck with mashed potatoes and purple cabbage cream 5.690.-Ft
Tenderloin steak with potatoes with onion and mushroom sauce 8.490.-Ft
Sirloin-stripe, duck liver ragout with onion and potato croquettes 8.490.-Ft
Homemade fresh salad 1.290.-Ft
Coleslaw 1.290.-Ft
Homemade mixed salad 1.190.-Ft
Tomato salad with basil 1.290.-Ft
Tiramisu cup with caramel dip 2.490.-Ft
Chocolate fondant with fruit sherbet 2.490.-Ft
Ice-cream cup with seasonal fruits 2.590.-Ft
Banana cup with vanilia ice cream 2.590.-Ft

Dear Guests, the mentionned prices include the 10% service free.